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SoftAmp 3OD


SoftAmp 3OD

AXP SoftAmp 3OD is a vacuum triode stage simulator.

A single triode stage circuit typical for guitar preamps is captured in this plugin. The model engine is based on system of non-linear ODEs. Some smart calculation techniques are used to reduce the computational load.

This effect could be used to apply mild tube overdrive to add some presence to your tracks, or you could chain a couple of instances together for a full-blown high-gain overdrive. You may want to throw in some EQ as well to better shape the signal.

The plugin UI has the real-time transfer characteristic plot display. It is used to have an overview of the amount of non-linear distortion introduced by the tube. It also has a peak-detecting algorithm that will flash a line when the level exceeds 0dB. The can monitor stereo channels separately or at once by clicking the buttons under the plot display.

16x switchable oversampling is also implemented to reduce the aliasing effects. Please note that for the most time the aliasing is low enough to switch off the oversampling. When oversampling is enabled, the plot display will not be very useful, because of the phase smearing introduced by the oversampling filters.

The model has 3 core controls to configure the circuit.

  • 3 different triode models: 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7.
  • 3 different plate voltages: 150v, 250v, 350v.
  • 3 different cathode capacitors: 0.47uF, 1uF, 22uF.

The gain/level controls are combined into a single knob that is operated with left and right mouse buttons.

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