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Category: Host


VST host is a software application or hardware device that VST plugins run under. The host application presents the plugin UIs and routes digital audio and MIDI to and from the plugins.


Podium Free

Podium is a modern production host that integrates audio recording, VST plug-ins and external MIDI and audio gear. An object based project structure allows for advanced media…


Koblo studio

Koblo Studio is a free open source music editing application. IMPORTANT: The software is currently in Alpha, and therefore has bugs and incomplete features. VST/AU plugins…


SVAr Tracker

SVAr Tracker is a music creation tool, a virtual studio with the tracker interface. Compatibility with thousands of virtual instruments – can load VST, VSTi, and DirectX…



VSTHost is a VST-compatible host that’s capable of: loading VST effects. parameterizing / editing them. sound output for VSTis. MIDI input and output. loading / saving .fxb…


XO Wave

XO Wave XO Wave is a digital audio workstation designed to meet the needs of audio and video professionals, with a focus on CD Mastering and audio for video related work.…



AirRack is a rack environment for live performance. AirRack provide you the following racks: Amplifier: the component to connect with the audio interface Mixer: route other devices…



Audacity is a free, easy-to-use and multilingual audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. Audacity can record live audio through…


Cantabile 3 Lite

Cantabile 3 Lite is a free Digital Audio Workstation. VST Host. Metronome. Multi-core CPU support. Scalable and Touch Friendly UI. Multi-channel Audio. x64 and x86. Visit:…