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Category: Delay / Echo


Delay Eleven 

Delay Eleven  Delay Eleven is a cool and easy-to-use delay. You can easily create new rhythms with Triplet and Dotted tempo settings. Modulate the frequencies of…

Sosir 0.9.2 Screenshot 1024x441

Sosir Freeze-Delay

Sosir Freeze-Delay Fertile Audio Tools” is intended to be a suite of “simple – not toosimple” audio plug-ins that focus on specific effects or sounds(synthesizers).Our…



PitchShiftDelay Information Introduction PitchShiftDelay is a time domain pitch shifter based on usual delay. The quirk of pitch shifter is somewhat reduced by 16x oversampling.…

Delkaty Vst Src 1

DelKaty VST

DelKaty VST Unusual stereo delay effect, affecting signal by using synced LFO and filtering abilities with low pass/high pass filters. Panning also affected by LFO.

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Rubbadub Delay “Rubbadub is a delay effect plug-in designed with versatility in mind. As a dub delay, it can be tempo synced and offers a…

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Unique Granular Delay A unique stereo delay system producing other worldly echoes using granular techniques, where each grain is from a different point in the…