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Category: Amp

Amp or AMP may refer to:

  • Ampere, a unit of electric current, often shortened to amp
  • Amplifier, a device that increases the amplitude of a signal


1 0 SuperCrunch Linda Audio releases SuperCrunch – great sounding and straight-forward guitar amp plugin. SuperCrunch does not model any real hardware but it is…

Bassman Preamp

Bassman Preamp Bassman Preamp is a simulation of the Fender Bassman preamp circuit, revision 5F6-A. Everything is accounted for, from the input up to, but not…


Proteus the new standard in GuitarML device capture, allowing real-time playing of amps and pedals captured with A.I. technology. Create your own Knob captures of…


YAVA4 There have been 3 previous YAVAs from Krakli. (YAVA = Yet Another Virtual Analog). The ideas behind the YAVA line is to have different…

Blue Goofer 

Blue Goofer  Blue Goofer now is a smooth overdrive amp and sounds great before a clean amp. RBR CONTACT INFO You can reach me at runbeerrun2…

It’s Way Different

It’s Way Different It’s Way Different is an alternative design of an amp sim featuring math equations, a pitch shifter, and stereo chorusing.

Aurora DSP – Goblyn

Goblyn Goblyn IS based on studio standard metal head 5153 boosted with one of the best overdrives in the market and sculpted with true analog toys. Features…