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Category: Saxophone


The saxophone (referred to colloquially as the sax) is a family of woodwind instruments usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece.[2] Although most saxophones are made from brass, they are categorized as woodwind instruments, because sound is produced by an oscillating reed (traditionally made out of woody cane) rather than lips vibrating in a mouthpiece cup as with the brass instrument family. As with the other woodwind instruments, the pitch of the note being played is controlled by covering holes in the body tube to control the resonant frequency of the air column by changing the effective length of the tube.[3] The player covers or uncovers the holes by pressing keys.

Saxophia gen2

Saxophia gen2 Our classic saxophone instrument is back under new version due to our users continual requests. We also added 2 new models (jazz, pop),…

Saxi Player

Saxi Player Saxi Player provides Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone sounds. Reverb effect Attack/Release control Tanging control Expression cc



Fanan Team – Saxophia Saxophia uses 4 independent waveforms to generate 4 saxophones emulation. Each saxophone has its own size and color: alto, baritone, soprano and tenor.…


Saxophones DSK

This one comes with two saxophone types, the Soprano and Tenor ones. Features and download: Saxophone VST instrument – 2 Saxophone types: Soprano & Tenor–…


DVS Saxophone

DVS Saxophone Designed for expressive playing, careful attention was payed to the way ‘velocity’ and ‘pitch bend’ effect the filters, also the reverb has been…



– 3 saxophone type: Soprano, Alto & Tenor– Velocity response– Amp. envelope and micro-detuner– HP/LP Filter– 2 Fx (reverb & chorus) Visit: SaxophoneZ