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Category: Tape Machine

Tape recorder

An audio tape recorder, also known as a tape decktape player or tape machine or simply a tape recorder, is a sound recording and reproduction device that records and plays back sounds usually using magnetic tape for storage. In its present-day form, it records a fluctuating signal by moving the tape across a tape head that polarizes the magnetic domains in the tape in proportion to the audio signal. Tape-recording devices include the reel-to-reel tape deck and the cassette deck, which uses a cassette for storage

EAS Audio – TapeStop

TapeStop TapeStop emulates the warping effect that occurs when stopping a reel-to-reel tape machine while playing. Stopping the “virtual tape” will progressively slow the affected track…


TAL-Tube TAL-Tube is a saturation plugin that have the characteristic of tubes and an additional amplifier mode.It’s very suitable for adding higher harmonics and can give more excitement and…



Mystique is a tape machine simulator. It was designed for real time processing and zero-latency, ideal for live sound ! Convert  your digital console channel into an…



Ferox Ferox is a tape saturation modeller. It has separate controls for saturation and hysteresis effects. Feedback with variable tape speed is provided to simulate vintage tape…



WOW & FLUTTER A VST plug-in which emulates theplayback speed imperfectionsof the pre-digital era. playback speed is modulated in realtime by up to six oscillators…