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SoundFonts [ FREE ]


SoundFonts are a file format that uses sample-based synthesis to play MIDI files.

Developed in the early 1990s by E-mu Systems and Creative Labs, its first use was on the Sound Blaster AWE32; an ISA sound card that supported some of the first MIDI configuration.

You will always see SoundFonts in PCM format, which is a specific file format that allows the SoundFonts to be read by sample-based MIDI synths.

  1. 3_lead_guitars
  2. 4opfm
  3. 5-congas
  4. 9-bindo_fingeredbass
  5. 132-pinkullo2
  6. 141-compleet_bank__synth
  7. Bandoneon
  8. Bass Synth – Classic
  9. Bed Tine
  10. Blackmarket Ball Loop
  11. blackmarket cell
  12. Blackmarket Clarinet
  13. Blackmarket Pulse Wave
  14. Bolland Brass Section
  15. Cambridge_Concert_Flute
  16. crunk_string
  17. Eurostructur
  18. exotic_harp
  19. Forboboding
  20. Frenzy Loop
  21. Khaliagi Drums
  22. lead 1
  23. old skool Brass
  24. Piano Korg Triton
  25. RolandChurchBells
  26. se_sub_031
  27. solem_male_choir
  28. sound_9
  29. SynthThik
  30. U20 shaku

20 free synth soundfonts

20 free synth soundfonts

This pack contains 20 various synth soundfonts for use in electro, trance and dance.

The total size is 57.6 MB when is extracted but the RAR file is 34.6 MB. All files are royalty free and free to distribute, can be found elsewhere on internet, I just packed them.

Here is the full list:

  • Acid SQ Neutral
  • Analog Saw
  • Beeper
  • Candy Bee
  • Dance Trance
  • Dirty Sub
  • FM Modulator
  • Happy Mellow
  • Hyper Saw
  • Kaputt Sine
  • Perfect Sine
  • Plastic Strings
  • Poly Special Mono
  • Pulse Wobbler
  • Sine Wave
  • Solar Wind
  • Super Saw 1
  • Super Saw 2
  • Super Saw 3
  • Synth E

JR Soundfonts

JR Soundfonts is a collection of 32 soundfonts specially created for trance/ electronica music genres. These sondfonts are not too big in weight but thay have big potential.

You can use these sounds raw or for more impact you can add effects.

All soundfonts are royalty free. They are re-distributed on other sites as freeware.

Visit: JR Soundfonts

126 free hip hop soundfonts

126 hip hop soundfonts is covering a large palette, from bass to drums, guitars, etc.

19.9 MB RAR/ 27.3 MB extracted. Suitable for hip hop, but they can be used on pop, soul, dance etc too.


  • basses and sub basses
  • trumpets and brass sections
  • hits and scratches
  • drums and FX
  • and more

Visit: 126 free hip hop soundfonts

The Blanchet 1720

we have one sample for each note, and it lasts as long as the sound is audible : the files last between 4 et 15 seconds, without adding the release samples. The sf2 version weighs 214 MB instead of 250 MB for the full Kontakt 2 version, which has the release samples.

You may find this recording too dry, not reverberated enough. It is a deliberate choice, because we want this bank to be used in many contexts, mainly in a sequencer. So, it is possible to modify its sound, and add some reverberation or other effects, exactly as the user likes, what would have been impossible with a less neutral sound (for ex : church or concert hall).

The harpsichord has been tuned to A 415 Hz and to equal temperament. But, in order to make it easier to use with most of modern instruments (in a sequencer for example), we transposed a semi-tone, to get a 440 Hz tuned harpsichord. So you can play it in your compositions without problem.

This soundbank is free and will ever be, for you, but not for us. So, if you like it and want to help us to develop other soundbanks, or support our work, which takes time and money, you can make a donation. If so, send me an e-mail.

If you want to give us some feedback or any remarks about this soundbank or anything else, you can do it HERE

Visit: The Blanchet 1720