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Category: Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzer

spectrum analyzer measures the magnitude of an input signal versus frequency within the full frequency range of the instrument. The primary use is to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals. The input signal that most common spectrum analyzers measure is electrical; however, spectral compositions of other signals, such as acoustic pressure waves and optical light waves, can be considered through the use of an appropriate transducer. Spectrum analyzers for other types of signals also exist, such as optical spectrum analyzers which use direct optical techniques such as a monochromator to make measurements.


Dominion Dominion  is a tool to shape the envelope of a signal. It’s giving you total control of the signal’s attack & sustain phase. Visit: Dominion



Correlometer Correlometer is an analog-style stereo multi-band correlation meter.Multi-band correlation meter is an advanced way to check for presence of out-of-phase elements in the mix. Broadband…



Specan32 Specan32 is a 1/3rd octave spectrum analyzer.It is modelled after the classic DN60 Spectrum Analyzer by Klark Teknik and based on the full scale frequency…



Ghost is a powerfulspectrogram visualization and editing plugin. Ghost provides a large set of features for visualizing and editing spectrograms: Powerful and intuitive zoom, with adaptive…