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Category: Chorus



Fumigate “Fumigate”, a multi band stereoizing plugin. Using both the chorus and stereo spreading modules to widen each frequency band like never before.



Medusa Medusa offers a range of Chorus and Flanger based effects, with presets ranging all the way from a mild flutter to full on modulated…

Cesiumscreenshot 1


Cesium Cesium brings distinctive character to a chorus effect, producing sounds that range from luscious stereoizing to exotic flanging to bizarre spatial effects.  Use it…



VBox3 Many times we have attempted to create an ensemble plugin which tries to synthesize Choir or voice effects. Sad to say that VBox3 is…

magic switch

Magic Switch

Magic Switch Chorus by Baby Audio Instant Magic It is based on the ‘Magic’ feature from the brand’s lo-fi multi-fx plug-in Super VHS. The Super VHS plug-in hosts…

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Cloud Chorus

Cloud Chorus Chorus by Signalsmith Audio Cloud Chorus A thick ensemble chorus with a multi-stage design, produces a dense cloud of echoes, giving you a smooth detuning even…

Synthescience Chorus 2

Chorus +

Chorus + Chorus + is that sort of dense and harmonically rich chorus that you are very likely to encounter on some older (80s) synths.It’s…

Synthescience Chorus Box 2

Chorus Box

Chorus Box The Chorus Box unit is a typical chorus effect with the addition of extra waveforms that are by tradition not used in regular chorus units…