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Tag: softamp


SoftAmp FM25

SoftAmp FM25 is a virtual-analog model of the Fender Frontman 25R combo amp.The Frontman is a versatile solid-state practice amplifier for electric guitar. It’s equipped with…


SoftAmp PSA

SoftAmp PSA is a virtual-analog guitar pre-amp supplemented with noise gate and compressor, all modeled after famous guitar gear that needs no introduction.At its core there are…


SoftAmp GT

SoftAmp GT is a virtual emulation of a well-known analog guitar amplifier simulator stomp-box.The prototype is a solid state circuit that uses op-amps to saturate the…


SoftAmp 3OD

SoftAmp 3OD AXP SoftAmp 3OD is a vacuum triode stage simulator. A single triode stage circuit typical for guitar preamps is captured in this plugin. The…