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Anima Synth 836/864

Anima Synth 836/864

It can be considered as a kind of pre-patched modular system where each oscillator can have a different spatial position and animation. All the parameters are modulated according to the 8 animated XYZ positions within spatial ranges, quantization and custom curves.
The main purpose is to make the synthesis parameters totally dependent on the spatial parameters and thus obtain complex 3D materials and figures that are truely inseparable.
Same spatialization engine than the AnimaSpat, here with :
– 8 VCOs with their respective ADSRs
– 8 multimode VCFs with their ADSRs
– 8 VCAs with their ADSRs
– 8 LFOs for pitch and cutoff modulations up to audio rate
– 8 LFOs to trig the envelopes up to audio rate
– 8 stages cascade FM and sync
– 64 channels multi-delay
– multichannel optionnal HighCut
– random modulations trigger

Visit: Anima Synth   836/864

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