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Kalei do Synth 64/128

Kaleidosynth 1

Kalei do Synth 64/128

Application of the “Kaleido principle” to synthesis (see KaleidoSamplerKaleidoTone and KaleidoMass):
– one dual main oscillators with PD synthesis
– one modulation oscillators for FM
– granular like “kaleido” modulation with up to 64 fragments
– variable speed trigger with adjustable chaos
– Trigger Modulator for automatic accelerations and density variations
– multimode 2/4 poles resonant filter
– amplitude ADSR and modulation AR
– Straight or Panner output modes
– 64 channels Resonator module to apply delay and feedback effects 
It is an automatic continuous generator in which the “polyphony” setting means the number of simultaneous fragments that can overlap over the 64 outputs. Since this value can go up to 128 it is possible to obtain very large particles or layers accumulations (be cautious!) as well as fine ethereal trajectories or sharp drawings…

Visit: Kalei do Synth 64/128

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