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38911 Bytes


8911 Bytes is based on Commodore 64 software but it can do a lot more.

  • 1 oscillator synth with 4 waveforms (saw, triangle, pulse and pitch noise). Also PulseWidth “noise cutoff” and “noise level” and Octaves from -3 to 4.
  • 3 BPM sequencers with 10 rates, 2 to 16 steps and end/loop modes.
  • The filter, pitch and PW modulation envelopes have stages from 1 to 8, also 13 curves, a Sustain point from 1 to 7 or even off. The envelopes can also be turned off to save some CPU when not required.
  • 3 different filters – low-pass, band-pass and hi-pass. You can activate more than one filter type like on a real c64 and also turn the filters off.
  • 2 LFOs with 19 different waveforms with free speed or 14 BPM speeds. The LFOs have only 3 destinations – cutoff, pitch and for PWM.
  • A Ring modulation with a bitcrusher notes from c to b and octaves from -4 to 3.
  • A volume envelope and a full bank of 128 presets.
  • Sequencer 1 is for notes and octaves. Notes from C to B and octaves -3 to 4.
  • Sequencer 2 is for waveforms.
  • Sequencer 3 is for octaves from -3 to 4.

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