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Virtuosity Drums

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Virtuosity Drums | Audio Plugins for Free

Virtuosity Drums

Virtuosity Drums

“Virtuosity Drums is an open source (Creative Commons 0) contemporary Jazz drum kit library, performed with sticks, recorded at Virtuosity Musical Instruments in Boston, MA.

It features performances by drummer Austin McMahon on the shop’s “house kit”, indicative of a typical setup in a live club or venue, recorded in the style of a live recording. With six mixable mic positions and detailed controls, it will work in many other genres too.

The library is available in SFZ format and designed specifically to work in Sforzando and/or ARIA Player by Plogue.

1,000 Samples; 4,900 Files

1.1 GB of HDD space

(+1.1 GB for installation files)

HDD of 7200+ RPM or SSD recommended”

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