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Touch Sampler & Player 4 8


Touch Sampler & Player 4 8

48 independant sample players which are made to respond to a multitouch control surface like the Sensel Morph, the Erae Touch or grid controllers and keyboards that support Polyphonic Aftertouch (see also below the versions for special controllers):
– Velocity, PolyAftertouch or Controller mode can be selected for each pad (the controller CC must be assigned to the pressure touch of the control surface)
– the Sampler version can record all the armed slots at once, useful with a multitrack input; it can also record each pad sequentially (mono input), each sample duration is limited to 25″
– separate start / end loop for each sample player + global CC controls
– +/- 5 octave Pitch setting and variation
– automatic backward playback when the End is before the Start
– the sample pads can be shown/hidden to reflect a corresponding spatial arrangement
– mini MousePad input with 2D gestures
– Poly Aftertouch input range setting and curve to adapt to not ideal controllers …

Visit: Touch Sampler & Player 48

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