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Tls Lea 2


TLs-3127 is a leveling amplifier simulation.
Due to the nature of the Compressors release stage it will work best on single instruments with softer attack like voice, bass ect…

  • Reduction Knob Set the amount of reduction (compression) by lowering the threshold starting from 0db and working downwards.
  • Gain Knob Set the amount of makeup gain to compensate the loss of volume due to compression.
  • Comp/Limit Switch Allow you to choose between slower (Comp) and faster (Limit) Reaction.
  • Boost Switch will cause the reduction stage to “dig a bit deeper”.
  • Noise Gate When you apply reduction with the noise gate on it will boost the reduction at low signal levels to prevent the noise floor from being raised together with the makeup gain. You will notice that the reduction meter will indicate continous reduction proportional to the reduction applied when being in noise gate mode.
  • Stereo Link will link the output reduction envelopes to prevent the stereo field from drifing. (This is only active when running a stereo signal through the plugin)
  • Reduction meter will show the amount of gain reduction applied.

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