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SpatSynth 3D-32/64/48L


SpatSynth 3D-32/64/48L

Monophonic synthesizer with spatial modulations:
– 3 VCOs, the first one doesn’t use oversampling, the third one is based on Phase Distorsion synthesis
– FM and synchro between Osc 1 and 2, FM between Osc 2 and 3
– 2 envelope generators, can be triggered by the LFOs
– 4 filters :
   – two 4 ways 24 dB/oct SV morphing filters with resonance and FM from Osc 2
   – one regular 2/4 poles resonant SVFilter
   – one BiQuad filter (up to 16th order)
– 4 LFOs going up to audio range, the 3 and 4 can also act as VCO with free routing to the 4 filters
– the 4 filters can be sent to either two spatialization inputs
– the VCOs frequency, FM, filters cutoff, LFOs rates can be modulated by the XYZ spatial position controllers (predefined numbers 11, 12, 15, needed)
– the outputs positions can be also modulated by the 2 EG, the 4 LFOs and the keyboard
– 32 / 48 / 64 channels Resonator with modulations
If the spatial integration is reduced to the simpler possible way with its “Spat3D” or “SpatLayers” section, the goal was for me to remove all the limits I suffer with usual synthesizers, such as the narrow LFOs frequency ranges or some impossible modulation combinations, while keeping it relatively straightforward with no hidden tabs or menus… Even so, it may need some time to handle it correctly !

Visit: SpatSynth 3D-32/64/48L


    • freevst

      Unlike all the other plugins, these do NOT process sounds, but controls in the form of MIDI messages or plugin parameters on Mac for the hosts that allow it (MIDI output from Audio Unit plugins is currently not possible, it should be with the next support of the AUv3 format).

      The plugins that automatically generates variations make possible to obtain complex parameters changes and animations, while the processors and MIDI converters can be used to adapt the controllers to specific devices, or simply transform MIDI messages.

      A certain number of MIDI processings are only available in VST2 32 bits format for Windows but they work perfectly in Reaper 64 bits 😉 Anyway, 64-bit versions VST3 (and later AUv3) should develop gradually…
      Note: due to peculiarities in how MIDI output is handle in VTS3 format it may not work in some hosts/circumstancies … here is the original site maybe you can get more info from them

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