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Sn01 G 3
SN01 G 3


SN01-G is a dynamic range compression inspired by two classic VCA bus compressors of UK and US variety.
It has linked feed-forward topology, with highly variable knee, optional internal side-chain filtering and ‘push’ effect, and adjustable wet/dry ratio (alongside the mandatory controls for threshold, ratio, gain, and envelope). The plug-in is designed to work both as musically pleasing bus glue while also being an efficient channel insert with low ASIO/CPU footprint.

  • Threshold from +20dB to -20dB.
  • Ratio from 1:1 to infinity (brick-wall).
  • Gain up to +24dB.
  • Attack in range from 0.03ms to 30ms.
  • Release in range from 50ms to 2 seconds.
  • Adjustable knee width 0-24dB (0dB = hard-knee).
  • Adjustable knee strength (0% = hard knee).
  • 2 optional filters for internal side-chain.
  • Optional ‘push’ effect for more extreme compression.
  • Dry/wet control for parallel compression.
  • No saturation modelling.

Visit: SN01-G

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