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Silver Orbit

SilverOrbit 3

Silver Orbit

Silver Orbit is a 2 oscillators synthesizer with 8 waveforms each and option to modify the waveshape plus one oscillator with 5 waveforms, the latter one can be frequency modulated which is synced to osc. 2 thus FM will result in getting harmonic content.

  • 2 oscillators X 8 waveforms.
  • 1 24dB Lowpass filter with resonance per synthvoice.
  • 1 Spook fx as global fx.
  • 1 Color fx can be seen as simple EQ to enhance lower or upper frequencies.
  • 1 BassEnhancer to enhance low frequencies (works indenpendently from Color signal).
  • 1 delay synced to bpm.
  • 4 ADSR envelope generators (one for Filter, one for VCA and two as monophonic global sources).
  • 6 LFO and one Sample & Hold.
  • XY Super Modulation as Mod Matrix with adjustable amount to destinations.
  • 6 Lazy buttons to randomize related sets of parameters.
  • All in all Solar Orbit is capable of producing quite a variety of sounds among most noticeable are stunning.
  • Sync sounds, fairly unique pads and fx sounds plus. With a good response on the lower frequency range one might achieve quite ‘huge’ and deep sounds too.
  • Internal Patch Select, Patch (re-)name, & manage (load/save fxb/fxp).

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