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Shameless Plugs – Tilde-Q

Tilde Q


Tilde-Q is a highly accurate Tilt EQ, meant for tone shaping with very broad strokes, rather than surgical corrections.

For sources that are “too thin”, or “muffled”, or “lack clarity”, etc, this is the perfect EQ to use.

However, if you have a very specific frequency that needs taming, such as a ringy snare, or feedback at a specific frequency, then this is obviously not the tool.

Tilde-Q is much, much more accurate than comparable EQs offered by other plugin manufacturers that typically employ one simple shelving filter around a specific “centre” frequency. Tilde-Q offers an EQ curve that is virtually perfectly linear over the complete audio spectrum.

  • The main Tilt control, allowing for a slope from -6.0dB/octave to +6.0dB/octave, highly accurate over the entire control range as well as over the entire audible frequency spectrum.
  • 24dB/octave low and high cut filters, meant to keep the low and high frequencies in check.

Because the curve is virtually linear over the entire audio spectrum (if we ignore the low and high cut filters for a moment), there is no “centre” frequency, and Tilde~Q therefore offers no control for this.

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