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Shameless Plugs – Fuzzploid



Fuzzploid is the fuzz pedal for the 21st century.

The Fuzzploid algorithm is a new design, neither borrowing from existing 3rd party software code nor modelling any particular hardware circuitry.
It was developed with the resulting sound in mind, by trial and error, and finally, success.

Its character is brash, brutal, in-your-face.
Fuzzploid can do clean, but it definitely excels in dirty.

Fuzzploid was developed as an offshoot and preview of a more involved product that is still in development and will be released somewhat later this year.

Like Fuzzploid, that upcoming product will feature classic overdrive, distortion and fuzz, but will have some additional features.

I developed Fuzzploid as a birthday present for guitarist and faithful plugin test pilot Dom McSweeney.
Because Dom likes fuzz with his morning coffee more than almost anything.

Although Fuzzploid was most definitely not modelled after any existing hardware fuzz pedal in particular (because that’s simply not how we (rock &) roll here at Shameless Plugs headquarters), we most definitely expect it to be the first fuzz plugin that future hardware units will be modelled after.

  • Input gain control, allowing for a gain ranging from 0.0dB all the way up to a whopping +60.0dB to be pushed into the distortion and fuzz circuitry.
  • Fuzz control, which goes from pure overdrive / distortion to pure fuzz and everything in between.
  • Tone control, shifting low and high pass filters in tandem.
  • Output control for appropriate gain staging.

Visit: Fuzzploid

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