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Sevendelay 3
SevenDelay 3


SevenDelay is a stereo delay using 7th order Lagrange interpolated fractional delay.

It is 7 times oversampled. Suitable for making sound with actively changing delay time by hand or DAW automation.

  • 0.1 ms to 8 s delay time. Parameters are tuned towards short delay.
  • All parameters are smoothed.
  • Parameter smoothing can be controlled by user.
  • Continuous change between normal, inverse, ping-pong and other panning.
  • High-pass and all-pass filter for feedback.
  • Negative feedback.
  • Tempo sync for [1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, …, 7.5, 8]/16 beat.
  • An LFO for delay time and all-pass cutoff.

Visit: SevenDelay

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