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Sender Spike – SN02 G VU Meter


Sender Spike – SN02 G VU Meter

SN02-G is a no frills mono/stereo/mid-side needle VU meter VST plug-in. It features variable nominal reference level and an optional maximal value indicator (needle). It is optimized for 24” HDTV screens and is designed to occupy minimal screen real estate while still preserving comfortable readability and fast access to all controls at low ASIO/CPU levels.
The fundamental feature of this plug-in is its lack of features.
two-in-one – operates both as (dual) mono or stereo meter depending on the track.
four fixed nominal reference levels for 0dBvu (-12, -14, -18, and -20 dBFS).
switchable display of summed mono on both meters, LR, or M/S (stereo tracks only).
optional needle for indication of maximal value with hold duration of 1 second.
sample peak leds with hold duration of 300 ms.
scribble strip (can be “peeled off” by deleting all text).
switching between normal GUI and a larger version (1.45x).
all controls directly accessible from the front panel.

Visit: SN02 G VU Meter

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