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S p a t S a m p l e r   6 4 L


S p a t S a m p l e r   6 4 L

Based on the SpatLayers plugin and able to load stereo samples, it represents the continuation and the improvement of the previous Win32 samplers versions.
It is intended to be played with a MIDI keyboard together with 2D/3D controllers, but it will be perfectly adapted to any modern touch control surfaces.
– common sampling and processing features (see above)
– up to 4 height layers with 25 outputs each (among 64)
– alternative layers schemes if you need more speakers per layer (up to 64)
– realtime sample time-stretching +/- 4x (Windows version only)

See also the VST2 32 bits SpatSampler 64 which supports longer samples.

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