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Rocker Switch Aluminum Panel 

Rocker Switch Aluminum Panel 

#MonsterStringsVST is a Free String virtual instrument that sound great but still lightweight in RAM usage.

I’m Agus Hardiman and I made this Monster Strings as light as possible but still usable for your music arrangement.

For example, some presets are just around 25MB of file size.

If you compare Monster Strings VST with any other VST plugins from East West, 8Dio, Native Instruments, or anything else, my VST doesn’t have detailed and many string articulations sound but I do hope this VST has its own use in your music production!

In this 1st version, Monster Strings has 13 Presets, divided into 2 main categories: ACOUSTIC and SYNTHESIZER. ACOUSTIC has 2 sub-categories which is ENSEMBLE and SOLO.

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