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Rob Papen – RP-PAN

Rp Pan


RP-PAN is a panning & doppler FX.

This top-notch plugin will allow you to use some very creative panning FX on your audio or instrument tracks.

The Panning Sphere can be used to manually record pan movements between left and right in the stereo field. However, it gets really exciting if you use the ‘Spring back’ feature. This is tempo-based to let the Sphere revert back to either the Center, Left, or Right positions.

To go beyond the regular panning FX, we have also added the Doppler FX option, and to avoid muscle pain if you like to have a constant pan movement, the ‘Lazy Mode’ is also available for automated Panning movements or other more experimental panning FX.

Last but not least we have added our easy-to-use bank manager, and also added a selection of useful presets.

  • Panning & Doppler FX.
  • Disrupt Sphere for controlling the panning and/or doppler FX.
  • Bank Manager.
  • 100%, 150%, and 200% GUI sizes.
  • ESC (External MIDI Control) menu.
  • Template presets.

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