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Pianoscore Harp


pianoscore chung is a free bass.dll virtual piano mypiano as midiout version of midiscore_chung step by step MIDI composition program. Is a small program for easy step by step compose record edit MIDI music song with optional quantize using a MIDI keyboard entering play chord and control with some piano keys and save / load from pc or export / import as midifile .
It uses bassdll bass.dll lib in small simple mypiano_chung virtual acoustic piano recorded on Isabelle’s real upright piano with a smartphone, 7 octaves, 2×2 mp3 samples per octave, 88 notes polyphony, varying dynamic reverb, chorus, attack and velocity with number of played notes and sustain pedal, written in freebasic .
Can auto correct score according to preloaded SYStestchord data.

Randomized play chord variation of MIDI files function of preloaded data added.

Added piano timbre cloning from 20 s mp3 music record.

Added anti click sound and sample filter algorithm.

{See video at top of page}

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