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Panzer is a free subbass sampler VST with automated root notes and holds.

Includes parameters of distortion and amplifying for monster sound.

Available on Windows / MacOS.


prayer reese @attackishere.

chapel reese @sh1nxo.

hades reese @attackishere.

arcteryx sub @starboyrob.

sentry sub @prod_comet.

detroit sub @themed1c.

tank reese @musicbytovy.

goddess sub @musicbytovy.

gnarly sub @musicbytovy.

darkness reese @333v0id.

heaven reese @sh1nxo.

graveyard reese @sh1nxo.

tombstone sub @sh1nxo.

rapture reese @aqualil.i.

euphoria reese @aqualil.i.

lsd reese @aqualil.i.

rave mommy sub @aqualil.i.

crucifix sub @aqualil.i.

lawn mower sub @aqualil.i.

nectar sub @aqualil.i.

gloomstone reese @gloomstone_.

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