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Ourafilmes – SB-3 LE

Sb 3 Le


SB-3 LE is a stereo detunable analog synthesizer with mono (optimized – low cpu usage) or polyphonic modes.

  • Full Stereo Architecture.
  • 3 oscillators [doubled when Stereo Detune is on: osc. 1 is stereo and has a mono sub-oscillator; Osc. 2 is stereo and Osc. 3 is double mono].
  • Ring Modulation [osc. 1 vs osc. 2].
  • Two multimode filters [serial/parallel configuration].
  • Two Lfos [with a total of 7 possible destinations].
  • Two envelopes [optionally, they can modulate the lfos amount value for complex modulations].
  • Effects: Distortion (2 types), Tape Delay [sync rates only] and Chorus.
  • Ultra Analogue or Phat option [analogue modelling circuitry].

Visit: SB-3 LE

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