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Otto Audio - Tube Screamer

Distortion by Otto Audio

Not your typical green overdrive, modeled after the usual suspects – but with a few extra features.

In the analog world, different guitars with different pickups have very different signal levels at the output (some 0.7 volts some up to 7 volts) so the OTTO8 can have different signal levels at the input, which affects the character of the sound at the OTTO8 output.

In the digital world, the output levels of different guitars with different pickups are normalized to the same level when digitizing and, accordingly, the plug-in input will have the same signal level regardless of which guitar is connected.

Weight – adds a heft that most overdrives are missing. Blend to taste.

Give it a touch or push your amp sims way beyond overdrive with OTTO8.


  • Independent Input And Output gain controls.
  • The input level control in OTTO8 emulates this real-world feature.
  • Input up to 12db gain
  • Output to 10db gain

System Requirements

  • Available as VST & AU for MAC only and is in BETA, Does not work on High Sierra, Big Sur or Monterey (PC coming soon as well as Big Sur / M1 support)

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