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VeeSTeeEx is a Windows only wrapper for VST2 plugins, which adds a preset management system to the wrapped plugin.

It uses a SQLite database to store all imported presets, which then can very quickly be selected for usage within the wrapped plugin.

There is tagging by some built-in tag groups and tags, but is is also possible to define own tag groups and tags. And there is also the possibility to rate presets and to quickly find presets by name with a simple search. This tagging/rating/searching can be used in combination to do enhanced filtering.

The preset files (‘.VeeSTeeExPresets’) can be shared.

By default there will be an area above the wrapped plugin, which gives access to the presets and also allows to step thru them.

How this top area looks like can be changed by editing the xml ‘GUI’ file of the wrapper for each wrapped plugin individually.

Those GUI files could be shared too.


Visual C++ Redistributable Package

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