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Modulair 3
modulair 3


ModulAir is a polyphonic modular synthesizer.
It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption.
WARNING! ModulAir is a work in progress, unfinished, buggy, as of now with only a few quirky presets. Expect horrible things to happen. It is a clumsy unhandy complicated piece of software. I cannot even guarantee that the next version of ModulAir is backwards compatible to any version you may download in the future or might already have downloaded. You have been warned!

  • Fully modular architecture.
  • Up to 18 modules per patch.
  • 31 module types available.
  • Up to 64 voices polyphony.
  • TUN/SCL micro-tuning file import.
  • MIDI Learn – all parameters can be controlled by MIDI CC.
  • Double precision audio processing.

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