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MIQU 2.0

Miqu 2.0 Original
MIQU 2.0 User Interface

Sequencer by Klangmanipulation

Klangmanipulation bring you this advanced MIDI step sequencer MIQU 2.0. With 8 sequencer sections including Pitch, Octave, Slide, Velocity, Pan, User and two manual parameters MIQU 2.0 is a versatile tool.


  • Built-in bassline
  • 8 sequenzer-sections: pitch, octave, slide,    velocity, pan, user, Manual 1&2
  • Variable number of steps (up to 16), direction and speed for each section.
  • Different direction modes like: forward,   backward, bounce and random retrigger, keyrun, randomize and patternshift for each section.
  • 3 temposyncable midi-LFOs.
  • Pitch rescaler with capture mode.


  • PC / Windows

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