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A development on one of the very first Kontakt instruments Blanketfort Audio made public around 2016, the original Melloharp blended a nylon string acoustic guitar with a broken, rusted autoharp and was based around single samples stretched across the whole keyboard.

This Melloharp however, is very different.

For this version, Blanketfort Audio multisampled the original in 3 round robins, and 3 dynamic layers, in thirds. It’s all about 3’s.

Then, in a similar fashion to SR Drums, those samples were run through a technics cassette deck, as well as a Sony TCM-40DV, doing the ‘dub at double speed octave up, record back at half speed’ trick. This resulted in 3 different tonal layers.

See, 3…

As opposed to making different instruments for each later ala SR Drums, all 3 layers were loaded into the same instrument so you can blend them to suit.

Also it’s not Kontakt, it’s Blanketfort’s first VSTi/AUi…

And it’s free.

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