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M Theory 3
M theory 3


M-theory is capable of a rather wide range of sounds, and it excels at creating hybrid sounds that have somecharacteristics of acoustic instruments.
M-theory is a hybrid synth that is built around the Karplus-Strong physical modeling technique, and uses samples, VA oscillators, and noise to drive the delay based oscillator, resulting in a very wide range of high quality synthetic and synth/acoustic hybrid modeled sounds.

  • Karplus-Strong style synthesis engine.
  • Dual exciters, each with the option of samples, VA, or noise sources.
  • Option to load your own samples.
  • Oscillator damping, pluck/bow, and tone modes.
  • Independent low, band, high, and all-pass filters.
  • 6 LFOs.
  • 4 envelopes.
  • Dual programmable arpeggiators and an extra MIDI note trigger/doubler feature.
  • Built in effects: tremolo, metallic resonances, chorus, delay, and reverb.
  • 320 presets.

Visit: M-theory

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