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LSP Multiband Expander plugin series

Sc Mb Expander Stereo

LSP Multiband Expander plugin series

This plugin performs multiband increasing of dynamic range of stereo input signal. Flexible sidechain-control configuration isprovided. Additional dry/wet control allows to mix processed and unprocessed signal together.

As opposite to most available multiband expanders, this expander provides numerous special functions listed below:

  • Modern operating mode – special operating mode that allows to look different at classic crossover-based devices. Crossiver-based devices use crossover filters for splitting the original signal into independent frequency bands, then process each band independently by it’s individual expander. Finally, all bands become phase-compensated using all-pass filers and then summarized, so the output signal is formed. In Modern mode, each band is processed by pair of dynamic shelving filters. This allows the better control the gain of each band.
  • Sidechain boost – special mode for assigning the same weight for higher frequencies opposite to lower frequencies. In usual case, the frequency band is processed by expander ‘as is’. By the other side, the usual audio signal has 3 db/octave falloff in the frequency domain and could be compared with the pink noise. So the lower frequencies take more effect on expander rather than higher frequencies. Sidechain boost feature allows to compensate the -3 dB/octave falloff of the signal spectrum and, even more, make the signal spectrum growing +3 dB/octave in the almost fully audible frequency range. This is done by specially designed +3 db/oct and +6 db/oct shelving filters.
  • Lookahead option – each band of expander can work with some prediction, the lookahead time can be set for each channel independently. To avoid phase distortions, all other bands automatically become delayed for a individually calculated period of time. The overall delay time of the input signal is reported to the host by the plugin as a latency.
  • Up to 8 bands are available for use, each band is not attached to it’s strict frequency range and can control any frequency range. Also, each band can be controlled by completely different frequency range that can be obtained by applying low-pass and hi-pass filters to the sidechain signal.

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