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Low Wave Studios – Track24

Low Wave Studios Track24
Low Wave Studios - Track24


Track24 behaves like analog tape but without its downsides.

It doesn’t care about Flutter, Wow or Noise, but it has the Tone and Saturation characteristics of Tape, plus other extra functionality

  • Features a Tape Saturation section with a variable Texture control to add more Even or Odd order harmonics.
  • A Tone section with 4 filter “presets” that were inspired by 2 different tape machines, running at different Ips – with “Neutral” being a completely flat.
  • 4x oversample button to avoid aliasing – adds a tiny bit of latency.
  • High and Low pass filters that are pre-saturation. To shape the incoming signal.
  • A Dry/Wet knob to mix the clean with the saturated signal.

Visit: Track24

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