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lostin70s – HaNon B70

Lostin70s Hanon B70
lostin70s HaNon B70

HaNon B70

HaNon B70  is a emulates the famous Hammond B3 drawbar organ coupled with a Leslie 122 rotating speaker.
It’s based on the physical emulation of the 91 tonewheels, which rotate permanently at low CPU cost. This allows to have natural keyClicks and low cost simple synthesis.
HaNon B70 :
The Leslie emulates a tube preamp, a tube power amp and 2 rotors with first reflections in the leslie case.

  • 91 tonewheels permanently active.
  • Simulation of the tube amplification stage and drive to “crunch” the organ.
  • Natural Key Clicks (but adjustable).
  • Adjustable percussions level, decay and harmonic.
  • Adjustable reverb.
  • Chorus and Vibrato.
  • L122 frequency response.
  • Leslie slow / fast on message from MIDI controller 1.
  • 2 channels and two sets of drawbars and a split with MIDI learn for playing with a single keyboard.
  • 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400 and 192000 Hz compatible.

Visit: HaNon B70

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