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A Tone-deaf poly synth for the Kuso-Music.
OSC Section

  • WAV: wave form
  • DETUN: OSC De-tune
  • KUSO: tone-deaf
  • PORTA:Portament
  • OCTAV:Octave
  • MONO: Mono mode

Morph ENV Secton

  • A/D/S/R:ToneMorph Envelope generator. it will affect ‘ToneMorph’ harmonics.

ToneMorph Section

  • Hormonics setting from x1 to x6. upper row are peak value and lower row are base value. the harmonics will be gradually changed using ‘Morph Envelope’.

VOL ENV Section

  • A: Attack time
  • D: Decay time
  • S: Sustain Level
  • R: Release time

Visit: KusoSynth

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