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DeveloperRayzoon Technologies

A real-time 3D drum kit with realistically moving drumsticks, cymbals and pedals provides a new level of immersion as you work on your songs.

Various expansions are available for Jamstix, including hand percussion, linear groove composition, Metal kits/drummers and much more.

Advanced Virtual Drummer:

  • Real-time groove composition using dedicated style and drummer modeling (not static patterns).
  • Advanced feel modeling includes sound-specific pocket delays, power and timing variations and can play ahead, on or behind the beat.
  • Real-time fill generator produces unique fills (no static patterns used) that match the style and drummer in use.
  • Limb-centric bar editor allows fine-tuning of notes without need for MIDI export/editing in host.
  • Extensive MIDI controller mapping allows in-depth remote-control of the style, drummer and mixer.

High Quality Sounds:

  • Built-in high-quality drum sample player with multiple velocity layers and controllable ambience.
  • Built-in mixer with FX.

Integrates With Other Sound Modules:

  • . Combine the sounds of your favorite drum plugin with the jam power and realism of Jamstix.
  • Allows creating kits that use a mix of external sounds and Jamstix sounds. For example, you can built a kit that uses EZDrummer drums and Jamstix percussion sounds and cymbals.

Interactive Jamming
Jamstix can interact with your MIDI or audio input by adjusting of playing with a human drummer.


  • VST (32-bit & 64-bit) – Windows.
  • AAX (64-bit) – Windows.
  • macOS version coming Q1 2018.
  • 1xMIDI input/1xMIDI output.
  • 8 stereo audio outputs.
  • song arranger with unlimited parts, synched to host song position, tempo and time signature.
  • high-quality sample player with controllable ambience, supports existing Jamstix 1,2 kits and expansion Paks.
  • key mapped MIDI output for integration with 3rd party drum plugins.
  • built-in mixer with 3-band EQ, compressor and delay effect.
  • extensive MIDI controller mapping.
  • supported sample rates: 44.1-96kHz.
  • copy protection: license key.

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