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Evm Isotope 3
EVM Isotope 3


The Isotope synth is a multiwave groove synthesizer.

  • 4 Oscillator Unison mode.
  • 2 Sub oscillators in split transposition mode.
  • EVM Multiwave technology for a wide stereo spread.
  • Almost 100 waves.
  • Individual filter for each Osc with Phase variable contour frequency response.
  • 4 Stage ADSR with Filter, contour and Osc pitch response.
  • Built in Digital Delay line.
  • Complex modulation with 2 LFO’s and multiple destinations.
  • 16 Patch memory programs.
  • Selectable pitch bend range for realtime pitch wheel control .
  • 8 Channel Groove Sequencer Filter,Waves and Oscillator Cross-Mod.

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