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Guitar Guru v.2.2.5


Guitar Guru v.2.2.5

Guitar Guru provides interactive song sessions designed to help you learn guitar and teach you how to play your favorite songs.

Our song-based learning software complements guitar tablature by providing additional, detailed instructions that guitar tab alone is unable to provide.

How Does It Work?
Guitar Guru teaches guitarists of all skill levels how to play hundreds of songs from a multitude of genres by using a variety of intuitive, easy-to-use tools, including:

Detailed, note-by-note instructions for all guitar parts in a song

Virtual fret board displays proper fingerings in real-time

Choose colored dots, numbers, or dots andnumbers to represent fingerings

Adjustable playback/learning tempo (up to 300%)

NEW! Voice Command

Keep your hands on your guitar: control nearly every function of Guitar Guru using simple voice commands.

MIDI, CD-Synched Audio or Windows Media File (WMA)-synched Audio

Use your CD or WMA files as an audio track, or use the included MIDI.

Step-Through Playback Function

Step through each event (fingering change, strum, etc.) at any speed using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Repeat an event using the down arrow on your keyboard.

Visit: Guitar Guru v.2.2.5

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