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FreeG Fader

FreeG Fader

Download FreeG (Compressor/Limiter)
Windows/VST (32/64) – Mac/AudioUnit(32/64)/VST (32/64)

“FreeG is a Gain / Fader plug-in that can be used for a variety of applications to increase the control and flexibility of the signal flow in the insert chain of the host – FreeG provides extensive, customizable metering features and settings.

Main controls:

  • The meter displays a current indication of signal level. The main display is a classic Peak-type level meter, which follows the signal in accordance with the metering type selected on the Preferences panel. The superposed red bar displays the current instantaneous signal RMS.
  • Selecting ‘Pre’ switches the fader to display the pre-fader, pre-pan, pretrim input signal.
  • The fader is the main plug-in control, and allows you to adjust the level of the incoming signal.
  • PEAK: This box, and the red arrows on the meter, displays the current highest peak value recorded (using the metering law configured on the Preferences panel). Click boxes to reset.
  • RMS: This box, and the yellow arrows on the meter, displays the current highest instantaneous RMS value recorded. Click the boxes to reset.
  • The Trim dial provides a course input level adjustment. The Trim range can be configured using the preferences panel.
  • The Pan dial allows a stereo signal to be panned to the left or to the right. The Pan law is configured using the preferences panel.
  • The Flip Phase button inverts the phase of the signal, for mixing applications.
  • The Bypass button provides a soft-bypass for the plug-in.
  • The Mute button will mute the signal.
  • Fine mode allows for an alternate method of fine-calibration of the fader. When the fader is set approximately, pressing ‘Fine’ will ‘zoom in’ on the fader, and offer a linear-law fader, which you can adjust with greater accuracy. The range of the Fine scale can be configured in the Preferences panel.”

Visit: FreeG Fader

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