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Feeverb3 v.2.50 RC


Feeverb3 v.2.50 RC

Freeverb3_vst is a set of VST plug-ins that utilize the freeverb3 library to perform reverb processing and impulse response processing of audio data.

Freeverb3_vst is a sound processing library which includes sampling rate scaling enabled version of freeverb with some fixes, extended implementation of N Reverb by CCRMA and implementation of impulse response convolution reverb. This library’s oversampling feature provides higher quality of audio processing.

Effects in Freeverb3:

  • Reverb Impulse Response Processor: This uses FFTW3. This includes fast zero latency multithread algorithms.
  • Enhanced Freeverb: More precise processing.
  • Stereo Enhancer: Simple differential stereo enhancer.
  • Enhanced NVerb: Stereo-spread and feedback enhancements.
  • Softknee/Hardknee Compressor: Simple compressor with RMS/envelope detector.
  • Softknee/Hardknee Limiter: Simple limiter with RMS/envelope detector.
  • 1-Pole/1-Zero LPF/HPF.
  • Linear Phase 3band frequency splitter.
  • Linear phase multi band compressor.
  • Sampling Rate Converter: Wrapper of libsamplerate.

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