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Drumper 1.9

Drumper1 9 3
drumper1 9 3

Drumper 1.9

Drumper 1.9 has two internal sequencers and creates a rhythmic pattern by morphing between them.
This rhythmic pattern simultaneously plays two drumsets, the sound of which can be processed and mixed in different ways. Drumper is compatible with any standard MIDI keyboard or controller and operates in real-time.

  • 12 drumsets including bass drum, snare drum, close and open hi hat, 2 percussion samples.
  • 12 editable 16-step patterns.
  • 12 editable pattern combinations including 4 rytmic variations for each combination.
  • 3 LFO with syncronization and “sample and hold” shape.
  • 2 filters with resonance and frequency control.
  • Cross fade function.
  • 32 editable presets.
  • FX processor with repeat effect, delay and phaser.
  • Deep saturation effect.
  • MIDI learn function for all faders and knobs.

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