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Doom Plugs – Bratwurst Fuzz

Bratwurst Fuzz

Bratwurst Fuzz

Bratwurst Fuzz is a distortion / fuzz pedal.

Uniquely designed and efficient fx pedal plugins, inspired by the DIY fx pedal building scene. It’s a FUZZY RATTY THING.

  • 16x internal oversampling and mono / stereo compatibility.
  • Corner resizer.
  • Handy arrow button for mini mode.
  • Paint splat for good measure.

If any problems loading the plugin appear, try double clicking the included script to de-quarantine and also try rebooting your Apple Mac if still persists. Or try using this :

(MAC HOT FIX… Version 1.4 – loading errors now should be fixed for M1 / Apple Silicon)

Visit: Bratwurst Fuzz

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