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Dark VX Kick

Darkvx Kick 3
darkvx kick 3

Dark VX Kick

Dark VX Kick is a sampled kick drum with 4 velocity layers, some round-robins and a lot of flexibility.

The samples on the DRY channel aren’t quite dry, they were processed by analog hardware EQs, a Harrison 32EQ and an SSL 611.
The COMPRSD channel was expanded and squashed with u-he’s Presswerk compressor.
The SUB KICK channel spills nothing but ultra-low sub-bass, just in case you need any subwoofers blown.
The ROOM Aux was necessary because the original samples didn’t really bring that sense of space into the mix, so I ran them through a Lexicon LXP Room processor to give them back some ambience.
The REVERB Aux does what it says, it recreates the sound of a modified Lexicon LXP Chamber.
All the mixer channels are independent samples, you could use this plugin for only the Sub Kick or the samples on the Reverb track if you wanted to. The individual mixer channels can be un-/muted completely by clicking on their respective mute buttons.
Like the Black Noh Snare, this kick drum is also very easy to handle – load the plugin, play MIDI note D1/36 and that’s it.
There are four velocity layers:

  • 000-015: one soft sample.
  • 016-066: medium layer with 3x round-robins.
  • 067-111: hard layer with 3x round-robins.
  • 112-127: one power sample.

Visit: Dark VX Kick

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