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Cloud Chorus

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Cloud Chorus User Interface

Cloud Chorus

Chorus by Signalsmith Audio

Cloud Chorus

A thick ensemble chorus with a multi-stage design, produces a dense cloud of echoes, giving you a smooth detuning even at extreme settings.

The phasiness control lets you slide between two detuning modes. Blending these together gives a rich and lively sound (particularly for low frequencies) – or try higher values for something less conventional.

The attack control uses envelope-followers to reduce or boost the detuning when an attack is detected. Give your attacks a little extra twang, or keep them clean and clear.

Depth and detuning are controlled independently – and because Cloud Chorus has dense echoes, depth goes up to 100ms for something between a diffuse slap-back and a small (detuned) room.

System Requirements


  • macOS 10.14 Mojave and higher
  • VST3 only

Please note: this free product is currently Mac-only and will not work on Windows systems.

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