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Blue Lab Audio – Impulses

Bl Impulses


Impulses is an IR processor that can capture the acoustic characteristics of a place then applies them to any sound, by using impulse responses (IRs).

For example the reverberation of a room can be captured, and later applied to a voice or a music instrument.

The plugin can also be used to capture and render the acoustic characteristics of a couple speaker/microphone. For example to capture the response of a guitar amplifier with a microphone arranged in front of it, and later apply the result to a direct guitar track.

An impulse is a very brief sound similar to a loud audio click.

The Impulses plugin generates a series of impulses, which are played in a place that interest us by using an amplified system. The impulses can also be generated by simply bursting an inflatable balloon.

An impulse response is the recording of an impulse generated in a given place.

When an impulse is generated in a reverberant place, what we record is the sound of this impulse colored by the place. Someway it is an “impulse with reverb”.

The plugin captures and applies impulse responses. It processes a series of recorded impulse responses by cleaning the defects from it. Then it applies by convolution the impulse responses captured in a given place, to a track. In other words, it “adds the reverberation of the place” to the track.

For more information about recording and managing impulse responses, a detailed user manual is provided with the plugin.

Visit: Impulses

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