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Blue Lab Audio – Chroma

Bl Chroma
BL Chroma


Chroma is a chromagram visualization plugin.

It displays information about musical notes contained in a musical sound. It can be used for example to help chords identification, or to help transcribing a track to a score.

The Chroma plugin processes equal-tempered scale musical sounds from a single track or a full mix. Each frequency contained in the sound is classified to the corresponding musical note, and the values in between. The result chromagram shows bright horizontal lines for musical notes contained in the sound. The brighter a line is, the stronger is the volume of the corresponding note.

One of the highlights of this plugin is that it can show sound information continuously, in between the defined 12 tones.

  • Choice of the pitch standard (A440 or other values).
  • Sharpness of the display.
  • Several colormaps.
  • Brightness and contrast.
  • Choice between 3 interface sizes.
  • Display lines corresponding to each note.

Visit: Chroma

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